Women Creating Wealth

Subway Sandwich Artist to Commercial Real Estate Developer!

Episode Summary

As a teen, Julie Jumonville's family was broke and facing bankruptcy. She lied about her age so she could start working at 14 years old. Now Julie is a multimillionaire commercial real estate investor and developer.

Episode Notes

Can you imagine yourself building huge apartment buildings? 

Could you be in charge of dozens - or even hundreds - of construction workers? 

On this week's episode of Women Creating Wealth tune in and be inspired by commercial real estate developer, Julie Jumonville!

 Connect with Julie: Www.thegeysergroup.com 

About Julie Jumonville - Partner, The Geyser Group As a co-founder of The Geyser Group, Julie brings her civil engineering and real estate experience to lead the team in finding unique commercial opportunities and ensures the execution of these projects. Julie has an extensive network of local Austinites she helps with their commercial real estate needs. Prior to Geyser, Julie was the founder and CEO of the engineering firm Avery Environmental Services, and founder and CIO of the successful health and wellness startup UpSpring Baby, which sold to Reckitt Benckiser in 2019. She holds a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Southern Methodist University, and a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M. Recently, Julie was recognized by The Austin Business Journal as a Women in Business Finalist and was elected to the board of directors for the Waterloo Greenway Park development in downtown Austin. In her spare time, Julie can be found playing competitive tennis or surfing with her family on Lake Austin and volunteering in Costa Rica. Julie currently serves on the Austin Monitor Board, the Alchemy Theater Board, and takes 20 kids annually on a mission trip to Costa Rica.