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How do you make the first step toward real estate investing? What can you do to finally pull the trigger? Why do some people succeed and some fail?

Episode Notes

Robin Binkley went from a traditional W2 job to a real estate syndicator and podcaster. How did she find the courage to make that jump? How did she learn what was needed to take these giant leaps? Find out on this week's episode of Women Creating Wealth with guest, Robin Binkley.

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About Robin:

Robin Binkley is the Co-Founder of Real Equity Investment Partners. Robin is a Professional Real Estate Investor with a desire to make positive change in the world for busy professional women. She aspires to assist women in learning about Financial Education and Money Management in the United States and abroad. She is motivated, inspired, and loves sharing her vision with others. It is her greatest desire for women and others to gain financial independence and freedom to be able to live the life of their choice. Robin shares three beautiful adult children with her husband Brett; she is a Family Woman, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur and Syndicator. Robin’s mission is to help you dream bigger than you thought possible; and to help you develop a strategy to make it a reality.

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